The Gold District Art Consortium (GDAC) is a small group of professional artists and art-related service providers who have established residence at 1201 South Graham Street in Charlotte's Gold District.  The historic two-story building, once home to a manufacturing company, has taken on new life with the infusion of contemporary art throughout the second floor of the building.  The goal of GDAC is to assist buinesses and individuals in the selection of original art for small collections or for large volume projects where a broad selection of art may be required. 

The group is comprised of Charlotte artists Lita Gatlin, Stephanie Neely, Alla Ostrovsky, with art from the Carl Plansky Collection and the Leon A. Makielski Collection.

Appraisal services are offered by Christina Whitson and art consulting is available from Larry Elder Art Consultancy. GDAC is unique in that it offers a wide range of original art as well as high-quality reproductions of several pieces from each artists' work, allowing for cost effective solutions on large projects.

Click on the name of each consortium member to learn more about their artwork or service they offer: